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Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Website

Facebook Pixel The Facebook pixel is really important. It allows you to create powerful audiences for ad targeting, run dynamic ads, track conversions, and optimize for conversions. It is very simple to add the Facebook pixel so lets jump in… Location You

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Basics of google AdWords

Answers Many times during the day, we turn to Google for the answer to our questions, discover a new place to eat and look for products to buy. Google calls these the moments that matter “I want to know,” “I want to go,” “I want

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How to create my Facebook Business Page?

Choose a category Pages are created to help brands, businesses and organizations to connect with their fans but also to make them new ones – with pages they can connect with people and promote themselves. Creating a page on Facebook

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Media planning key terms

REACH & FREQUENCY are always looked at hand in hand, one measures the number of people exposed, the other the number of exposures MEDIA MIX The combination of media used for a particular schedule / campaign PENETRATION The percentage of

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Advertising media channels

Traditional Media Television (network, cable, satellite) Radio (AM, FM, satellite) Outdoor (billboards, bus panels) Direct mail (saturation, solo) Print (newspapers/magazines) Telemarketing Digital Media Email Digital display Affiliate Search engine marketing Social media / social networking Internet radio & broadcast Guerilla

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Definition of a media agency

Many advertising agencies have a media department staffed with media planners and analysts to fulfil the media planning and buying needs of there clients. Some savvy clients recognise that a media neutral agency like brand-links can help deliver a more  efficient media channel planning

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Online display Advertising Metrics 101

The online display advertising metrics that brand-links trade with include CPM, CPV, CPA, LCV, eCPA, EPC, eCPC, and eCPM. Its critical to understand them in order to determine whether an online display advertising campaign is effective. CPM (cost per thousand) = (Total Views /

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media consumption of 55+

Terry tends to spend the evening reading books, especially just before he goes to bed. He does have an e-book reader but tends not to use it, preferring the look and feel of the physical item. 46% of those aged 55+

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media consumption of 35 – 44 year olds

When Jo has spare time in the evenings she will sit down with her children and watch TV. She is not particularly fussed what they watch, as long as it is age appropriate, and often just lets the children decide. We

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media consumption of 25-34 year olds

Adams takes public transport to and from work, he likes to read about the day’s events on his tablet or pick a free newspaper if its handy. He doesn’t have any news subscriptions. Instead likes to browse the BBC News and

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